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Hard Landscaping

Asphalt: Paving, Patching, Routing, and Sealing

Interlocking: Lift up, Laying, and Relaying

Concrete: Curb, Pad or Walkway Installing and Patching

Erosion control using Geo-grids, Gabon stones, Culverts or weeping tiles and dry wells.

We also do repairs and replacements of: Speed bumps, Line painting, Light pole bases, Parking lot signage, Bollards, End-of-row markers, Retaining walls, Fencing, Wood decks, Catch basins, Manholes, and temporary fencing and hoarding


Excavation, Land surveying, Drainage solutions, and more!

Foundation Repairs and Waterproofing

We can provide hot and cold applied waterproofing systems, for your decks, balconies, underground parking lots, drains, foundation walls, and elevator shafts. "Crystalline" waterproofing on interior foundation walls and epoxy injections are available as well.

Interior Renovations

New wall construction, drywall, taping, mudding, sanding, paint finish.  Block wall construction and repair.  Furniture moving cabinetry work, shelf building, T-bar ceilings, we also have our sub trades for Electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Factory Retrofitting

Arken can completely restore your floors, from concrete repairs to epoxy or paint or tile finishes. We provide colour coded painting of all piping (i.e. gas pipes yellow, sprinkler pipes red, water and drainage lines black), as well as wall, ceilings and columns painting, interior and exterior. If you need, we can replace and dispose of your existing flooring for new carpets or tile floors, and your T-bar ceilings.

In underground parking garages

We can restore concrete slabs, walls, soffits, ledge beams, or provide blast tracking and heavy duty traffic membrane system installations.

We also do ink stenciling on walls and columns for whatever you need, whether that is a numbering sequences, parking level numbers, lettering, or reserved space labeling. We can paint on walls, ceilings, columns, colour code pipes, exit doors and install underground signage.

Painting works

Our line painting capabilities are extensive. We can do: Hatching, Pathways, Stenciling, Handicap symbols, Custom lettering, Center lines, Loading zones, Curb painting,

Game lines: Hop scotch lines, basketball lines or volley ball courts, baseball diamonds, and Running Track lines.

Parking Lot Markers: Visitors, No parking, Stop, Reserved, Arrows, Stop bars

We also paint exteriors of buildings, structural steel on malls, parking light poles, interior offices and hallways.

In factories

Isle lines painting complete with polyurethane protective coating, pallet placement lines, and hatching areas.

Soft Landscaping

We can help you plan and plant trees or shrubs, maintain grading, provide sod, topsoil and mulching.

Large Scale Outdoor Additions

We recently fully planned, excavated, built footings for, and installed a large gazebo with pathway in the center of Centennial College's Progress Campus. 

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